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Get to Know the Kanna Spa Team...


TIFFANY CAMPBELL, founder of Kanna Spa, graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2005, with 720 hours of training in various modalities of massage therapy (Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Sports, Reflexology, Prenatal, Hot Stones massage, etc.) as well as health education. Soon out of school, she worked with both a chiropractor & acupuncturist and began her journey as a therapist. Her love of the basic concepts of yoga (such as the power of breathing, body awareness, clearing the mind & focusing one’s energy within the body), & her intrigue with discovering new ways to listen to & read the body through her hands, has lead her to refine her talents as a therapist. She developed a unique style of addressing chronic body issues (such as pain, stiffness, stress & emotional holding patterns within the body) while allowing her clients to open up & achieve true relaxation through deep effective body work, patience, energy, trust, & intuition. 

Tiffany practiced massage at The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay from 2006-2011 where she benefited from working with wonderful therapists from around the world, received further training in luxurious spa-style therapies, & acquired a fine taste for quality service standards. Although she is fond of the spa setting, her most fulfilling work has been with clients who have sought after real body work versus the “typical fluffy spa massage.” She prefers to blend the two concepts & various modalities giving her clients the best of both worlds with typically more lasting results. In 2010, she opened her own part time private practice in San Mateo, California, which blossomed into a beautiful full service spa in May of 2012. It brings her great joy everyday to introduce her clients to amazingly talented therapists, effective services, & a peaceful spa location.

“It is truly a great feeling when someone walks in the door grumpy, in pain & skeptical, & leaves hugging me & expressing gratitude for a unique experience, relaxation & relief from chronic pain. It’s like they are a different person when they leave my treatment room. I love a challenge. I love making a positive change in someone's well being. It’s like I can feel their energy beaming with goodness. It makes my whole day & that’s when I know I just love what I do.”


 JULIE, certified massage therapist graduated from the National Holistic  Institute in 2013. Her specialty is a personalized blended massage including Swedish massage, Pressure Points, Deep Tissue & Thai Stretch. She also loves to incorporate Hot Stones into a session for it's therapeutic & relaxation benefits. Julie has a passion for scalp, face & jaw tension release as well. Her deep tissue massage has been said to be transformational. She is truly inspired by helping people in need of relief from stress, pain & emotional trauma. It is apparent in her caring nature & passion for excellence in her work. "I am honored to share my massage passion to the community."  



JOSE, professional, experienced & certified massage therapist, excels at deep tissue, injury recovery, Swedish relaxation, sports massage, lymphatic massage, hot stones, & spa treatments. His unique style of massage, gentle to deep range of techniques, highly therapeutic skills & vast knowledge of the body is obvious within his healing body work sessions. He truly cares about the wellness & healing of each & every client to grace his massage table. (MORE INFO coming soon.)



LUBA is a licensed, confident & experienced esthetician, passionate about skincare & helping others. She has been providing customized facial & body treatments for all skin types, lash & brow tinting, & waxing services for over 18 years in the Bay Area. She values continued education so that she may remain current with the latest breakthroughs in non-surgical skincare.  




LESLEE, certified massage therapist & licensed esthetician, began her  journey into the spa and wellness world through her background in dance.  After graduating with a BA in Modern Dance from UCLA, Leslee learned to  truly appreciate the importance of freedom of movement & the hindering impacts old injuries had on the body. Her interests in bodywork & pampering took flight. She started off as a manicurist & esthetician, but always knew that her path was headed towards helping others maintain their wellness through massage therapy & body awareness.

Leslee is certified in Esalen massage & deep tissue massage therapy from the Esalen Institute in Big Sur where they teach a holistic approach to massage. The Esalen style of massage incorporates long flowing strokes which blend well into any session (deep or generally relaxing) & reconnect the area of focus to the whole body resulting in a deep state of relaxation. She also practices prenatal massage. Leslee combines her knowledge of kinesiology with client intake information on old injuries, preferences & known postural habits, to help develop a plan for each session. She works well feedback to customize each session accordingly.

When it comes to skin care, Leslee finds that proper hydration of the body & the skin directly hold the greatest importance when it comes to the state of one's epidermis. She believes that dry skin (harsh cleansers & subpar moisturizers) can be the root cause of many undesirable problems: break outs, & over time - fine lines & wrinkles. She works with each client to figure out what the skin is lacking & will recommend products & services based on her assessment of the skin during a facial.

"What I love most of all is to see the relaxed faces of my clients after a massage. A massage WITH a facial is on another level, facilitating that glow from the inside out, & pampering someone from head to toe makes my day."

"The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. 

The flower of health blooms when all parts work together."

- Kurdish folk wisdom



SUYEN, certified massage therapist, started her career in the medical field as a certified nurse assistant & worked in hospice care. She decided to explore the holistic realm of health & wellness & dove into her studies at Skyline College, in 2014, where she learned more about human anatomy, physiology & kinesiology, as well as deep tissue, Swedish massage & focused bodywork for the psoas. 

Suyen excelled quickly with her natural gift for a relaxing, soothing flow within her sessions She learned hot stones massage & fine tuned her skills while working in the spa industry over the next few years. She then decided to further her education at the San Francisco School of Massage in medical massage, trigger point & working with TMJ. (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). 

She also attended McKinnon Institute in Oakland where she gained valuable knowledge in oncology massage, prenatal massage, Lymphatic Drainage & basic cranial sacral therapy. 

Suyen then worked as a massage therapy teacher's assistant for beginners at De Anza College. She found it fun and fulfilling to work with students who were just learning basic palpation skills & anatomy. 

"I love my career because I learn something new every day. I love new challenges.  Working with lower back, hips & psoas work have become my forte during my 6 year career." 


SHANE, certified massage therapist, graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy Salt Lake City in 2006 with 832 hours of training in professional massage therapies including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Trigger Point, reflexology, Swedish, deep tissue, myoskeletal Alignment, injury massage, Shiatsu, prenatal massage, hydrotherapy, hot stones, scrubs & more.

Shane's dedication, focus, experience & confidence in his work is apparent & shows itself in his results oriented massage technique which is a culmination of a variety of modalities. Each massage is catered to the specific needs of each client.


STEPHANIE, certified massage therapist, graduated in 2012 from the National Holistic Institute with 744 hours of training in various modalities including deep tissue, Swedish massage, shiatsu, myofascial release, sports massage, hot stones & spa treatments. Although she is well versed in customizing her sessions utilizing a blend of modalities from deep to gentle techniques to suit the needs of her clients, she finds it most spiritually rewarding to simply help people relax, forget about their day & go into a meditative state.

There is always something more to learn & to offer in this great field of wellness & bodywork. Stephanie finds great importance in the continual pursuit of new skills & inspiration as a Massage Therapist. She plans to add other modalities to her repertoire for years to come. 

"It’s wonderful to witness the change in my client's faces & energy after a relaxing massage. Being a massage therapist has enriched my life in so many ways. I’ve loved all the people I’ve met, learned from & helped along the way. Massage Therapy has given me an abundance of patience & calm energy.” 


MARIA, certified massage therapist, graduated from Everest College in 2010 with over 500 hours of massage training including Swedish Massage, deep tissue, sports massage, wellness & CPR.  She finds deep tissue & relaxation treatments to be the most fulfilling & interesting of her work. She is always amazed at how good intense deep tissue work tends to put her clients at ease. It is a building of trust that happens within a session when a client is able to drift away and truly relax. 

"My intention is always to find a good balance of relaxation for the body & mind while also giving my clients a good sense of relief from tension & pain."

In the coming years, Maria wishes to pursue further studies in the use & application of Thai massage & Cranial Sacral therapy.



KIM is a talented & certified massage therapist & licensed esthetician who gained valuable knowledge in bodywork & skincare from the CIDESCO (Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) program from Cinta Aveda Institute. She will be taking an international CIDESCO exam later this year to be a CIDESCO Diplomat.       

Kim has a healing, soothing touch with strong hands & a refreshingly calming energy. Her style of massage is best described as a stellar blend of relaxation Swedish techniques blended with some moderate deep tissue work & reflexology. Kim is also a certified yoga alliance teacher in bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). Practicing vinyasa and ashtanga yoga helps her to stay grounded & balanced. She loves sharing knowledge & expertise to help clients improve any skin conditions & issues that they may be experiencing.

"Take care of your body, It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

"I take health & wellness of the skin, body & mind very seriously. Through my work, I hope to help others find & maintain a healthy, happy body & sense of wellness. It is so important." 


ALICIA, certified massage therapist, discovered the power of body work at a  very young age. Her father suffered from a bad fall and as a 5 year old child, she instinctively began massaging & walking on his back every  evening to ease the pain. From then on, she was inspired & envisioned a future of helping others with their pain & injuries. In 2010, Alicia graduated with 720 hours of training in both Eastern & Western modalities from the National Holistic Institute, & in 2012, became certified in Traditional Thai Massage & Prenatal/Postpartum massage at McKinnon Institute. In 2015, she became Dona Doula certified under the teachings of Carol Shattuck Rice in Albany, CA. In 2016, she was certified as an Aromatherapist at the Aroma Hut Institute. Alicia prides herself on her personalized service, really getting to know each client's body care needs & personal goals.

"I love to work with weekend warriors, active go-getters, working class  heroes, Bay Area moms & moms to be. My goal is not only to have each  client feeling wonderful & renewed at the end of a session, but for these efforts to last over time & get better with each appointment." 

Alicia specializes in prenatal & postnatal massage, Thai stretching, trigger point therapy & deep structural body work. She enjoys deep tissue modalities with pain & stress reduction as her primary focus in each therapeutic massage session. She is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy & has a deep understanding of the body matched equally with a healing touch.


KANANI, certified massage therapist, graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2008 where she learned a range of different massage therapies including deep tissue, sports, Swedish, prenatal massage, Shiatsu, hot stones, myofascial therapy & aromatherapy, as well as body wraps, anatomy & pathology. 

Remembering back to when she used to give her family members massages as a young child, Kanani always knew she wanted to be a massage therapist. 

After attending a 4 year University, in 2007, Kanani moved back to the Bay Area where she decided to follow her dream to help others through her bodywork. Through her journey, she has worked on all sorts of body types, developing a specialty within sports massage & deep work with athletes. 

Working over the last decade, Kanani has become known for her intricate neck work, hip/gluteal techniques & stretches that open up the pelvic & lower back regions. 

"It makes my day when I see a positive change in a client who came in feeling unwell & after they receive a massage, they are so calm, collected, smiling & even walking better. It lets me know I am doing the work I was meant for. The best feeling is when I see my clients emerge as a whole different person than when they originally walked in the door."

To find peace & tranquility to ground her for her work, Kanani finds the beach & a healthy meditation practice as her remedy.

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