Gift Certificates

OPTION 1: Purchase Gift Certificate Online

Gift certificates may be purchased conveniently through our online store by clicking the link below.

You will be able to choose a dollar amount, suggest a service or add a note, & pick an image & title to personalize your gift certificate. You will then have the option of emailing the gift certificate directly to the recipient or printing it out to give in person or send by mail.

*Please make sure you are purchasing from the gift card tab, not the "services" tab once you are redirected.

(Please note: Gift certificate purchases are non-refundable.)

OPTION 2: Make an Appointment to Pick Up a Gift Certificate & Shop for Spa Gifts

Gift certificates & other spa gifts may be purchased at the spa. This service is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so we can make sure someone is available & ready to assist you.  If your preference is to list specific services on the gift certificate without listing the dollar amount, this may be your preferred option. (The online option lists both.) The recipient will likely find out the value when calling to book the appointment, however.

Please feel free to call us at (650) 863-3848 or click the link below to request an appointment to come in to purchase a gift certificate & other gifts in person.    

** Please note that gift certificate purchases are non-refundable.

Request an appointment to pick up a gift certificate