"Unique & Effective Body Therapy"
Spa Yoga & Self Care Classes w/ Sound Therapy

NEW!!! Spa Yoga and Self Care Classes in our new yoga suite across the hall!!

SMALLER IS BETTER!! SIX to EIGHT students MAXIMUM per class!! This means MORE:

+PERSONALIZED classes    +ATTENTIVE assisting with postures

+AWARENESS for your well being    +PRIVATE small group classes

An intake of each student's goals and limitations will be taken into account for each class so that appropriate postures may be chosen and modified accordingly. For these reasons and exclusive class size, all classes must be booked in advance and pre-paid. To Book a Body Care Class, please call us at (650) 863-3848.



Smaller classes equal easier learning and greater therapeutic care. Our goal is to bring the caring nature of the spa into our highly beneficial yoga & self care classes, with more attention to detail and your comfort. We also enhance the meditative end of each class with the beautiful vibrational sound of crystal and ancient Tibetan sound therapy bowls which help to open the energy centers of the body, clear energy blockages, relax the body, and deepen the meditative state.

As we recruit new teachers and fine tune student preferences, our class availability will grow. For now, we are offering the following classes to help you meet your body and wellness goals:

Therapeutic Yoga - Special Focus on Neck, Back & Hips:
  In each class, we will begin by applying aromatherapy muscle and wellness balm to the neck and shoulders to begin to warm tight muscles, enliven the senses, and enhance the breathing exercises which connect us to our bodies, help us gain focus, and set an intention for the following postures. Seated, balancing and unwinding postures, as well as core focus are explored to each student's comfort level.

These ancient practices, when carefully sequenced, can be like magic to the human spirit and help the body to open up both energetically and physically, allowing for more flexibility, decreased tightness and improved muscle wellness. Classes serve more as a form of personal body therapy and self care more so than intense exercise and more advanced, difficult postures making for a less intimidating, easily enjoyable, and widely beneficial practice. (ALL LEVELS are welcomed.)

75 Minute Classes: (Weekly) Mondays at 530pm & 715pm  /  Thursdays at 545pm and 730pm

(6 Students Maximum in Weekly Classes. Private Group Classes Accommodate Up to 8 Students)

   *Private Group Class Dates/Rates Available Upon Request

Sandy (More info available on About Us Page)

Gentle Core Yoga: This class is great for helping to deter that pesky lower back pain by strengthening and thus stabilizing the core, ultimately giving the hard working back more support. In each class, we will gently stretch the body, releasing tightness in the back, neck, and shoulders, introduce core exercises which will strengthen specific muscle groups, and then we will release the muscles we have contracted with strategically chosen poses so we leave the class feeling stronger, stretched, and more relaxed.

A Strong core is essential for the "health" of our body, contributing to good posture, alleviating lower back pain, and improving our balance as we age. The Mayo Clinic describes core practices as follows:

"Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles." (ALL LEVELS are welcomed.)

  60-75 Minute Classes - Available for Private Group Classes Only

Instructor:  Maureen (More info available on the About Us page)


 Total Body Rejuvenation Flow: This class focuses on alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Moving slowly and deliberately through each posture, we are able to sink deeper into stretches and really feel each pose, gaining a greater self awareness and harmony with oneself while creating space, energy, and relief in areas of tightness and stress. Classes typically include a breathing exercise (pranayama), followed by a sequence of slower paced but flowing poses, and ending with a relaxing guided meditation. With the conclusion of each class, muscles are strengthened, the body is more relaxed, and the mind is calmed. (Beginner and intermediate LEVELS are best suited but ALL LEVELS are welcomed.)

60-75 Minute Classes - Available for Private Group Classes Only 

    *Private Group Classes/Rates Available Upon Request.

Instructor: Jim

Class Rate for All Group Classes: $25/Class
Private Group Class Rate for Up to 8 People: $175-200/Class






Stay hydrated prior to every class. Please bring a yoga mat, water, and a towel (if needed). Student's yoga mats are placed on top of Kanna Spa mats to provide for greater cushioning and comfort during postures. A student yoga mat for practice may be rented for $2. Please let us know in advance when booking a class if you will be needing to rent a mat. Yoga blocks, straps, and a seat/knee cushion for class use will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

Students are asked to come at least 5 minutes early to class. Doors are locked promptly once class begins. Please be mindful and respectful of classes still in session upon your arrival by refraining from knocking on the yoga suite door, and by keeping voices quiet just outside the suite. Meditation may be coming to completion upon your arrival. The door will be unlocked until class completion. So please be patient with us and considerate of other students.

We look forward to being a part of your wellness and self care journey.



Appointments:    (650) 863-3848   /  tiffany@kannaspa.com
*Please feel free to call or email us for more information. We are happy to assist you. All services, including gift certificate pick up, are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  New clients, please call for an appointment.

2041 Pioneer Court, Ste #202, San Mateo, 94403
*We are located just off the El Camino South Exit from Hwy 92. Travel West on 20th Avenue and make a left onto Pioneer Court. We can be found upstairs on the right hand side.

*Street parking is available in front. We also have a private lot located in the back of the building.

Hours of operation:
  Mon-Sat 9am-9pm  /  Sun 9am-9pm
*By appointment only. *We cater to your schedule with flexible hours of operation.

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