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Spa Services

+Massage Therapy

Depending upon our guest’s unique body needs, each massage therapy session is mindfully mixed with multiple modalities & catered to the individual based on their particular preferences.


Recovery Massage (Deep Tissue Bodywork Blend)

from intense work-outs, body strains, injuries or general pain. Therapist focuses on specific, fatigued, overworked muscles & may utilize a strategic blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, & Sports Massage with Stretching, Rebalancing techniques, & heat therapy to effectively assist the body in regaining a refreshing sense of well-being, pain relief, restoration, increased energy, noticeable circulation, & deep relaxation.

Relaxation Massage (Swedish Massage Mix)

Relax with a well-rounded, full body massage. Revitalizes & relieves sore muscles.
service calms the mind, body & soul, while reducing mental & physical stress. Therapist utilizes light, medium or firm (but not deep) pressure to restore a sense of balance, vitality & energy. Techniques may include Swedish, Shiatsu, Light Stretching, Rebalancing Techniques, & heat therapy to uniquely soothe & pamper the body as a whole.

Individual:  45 Min - $85      60 Min - $105      90 Min - $145      120 Min - $185

    Couples Massage:  60 Min - $225      90 Min - $305      120 Min - $385

Massage Enhancements (no time added): 

    Aromatherapy Lavender Citrus Body Butter (Soften the skin, relax the body, increase circulation) $15 

    Pumpkin Spice Body Butter (Deliciously aromatic, deeply hydrating & nutritious for the skin) $15

    Hot Stones Enhancement (Increase circulation, soften & soothe muscle fibers) $15   
    Dry Brush Exfoliation
(Stimulate the lymphatic system, slough off dry skin cells) $10  
    Aromatherapy Scalp
Massage (Calm the overactive mind, deepen relaxation) $10  
    Muscle and Wellness Balm
(Increase circulation, facilitate healing, decrease inflammation) $15

    Orange Blossom Deep Conditioning Back Polish (creamy exfoliation & hydration for the back) $18

Hot Stones Infusion

Experience the powerful healing & deeply relaxing effects of heated stones blended into any massage session. Energy is calmed, while the body melts into a tranquil state of well being as blood & nutrients flow into tired muscles. Detoxifies & revitalizes while providing soothing, penetrating warmth. 

     Hot Stones Massage (More stones, more often) -  75 Mins - $145     105 Mins
- $185

The Secret to De-stress Massage Add-Ons with Aromatherapy

Discover relief from headaches, pressure, pain, and stress by addressing a common root cause for tension.

    Scalp Massage with Aromatherapy - 15 Min - $29
    Scalp & Neck Massage with Aromatherapy - 20 Min - $38
    Scalp, Neck & Jaw with Aromatherapy - 30 Min - $50

*Add on services can be booked as an add on to any full length massage session.

Couples Massage Packages

"Romance & Recuperate"  together by candle light as a hot stones blended customized massage melts away tension & stress. Experience a touch of four handed bliss while a softening, invigorating foot scrub & hot towel wraps occupy your partner. Then head into the infrared sauna for quality detox time & a remineralizing Oligomer tonic. 

    For Two - 120 Min - $415

"Decompress & Detoxify" 
side by side in a candlelit room as you experience ultimate relaxation. A deep foot massage, hot stones, and full body massage lull you into a tranquil state. Experience a touch of four handed bliss while a softening, invigorating foot scrub & hot towel wraps occupy your partner. Then receive a muscle melting, self heating, deep tissue detox back wrap which will further soften muscles and heal congested tissue to top off this unique couples wellness experience.

    For Two - 120 Min - $455

"Resounding Relaxation"  
is the goal at hand within this beautiful, energy balancing, pain relieving, total body wellness package. Lay side by side for a 60 minute relaxation or recovery massage enhanced with hot stones plus an hour of magical bliss with our resident sound therapist who utilizes Acutonics tuning forks, sound therapy bowls and reiki (the movement of energy within the body). Bring the body back into balance, clear energy blockages, calm the mind, and facilitate deep healing and relaxation. Destination Cloud 9 is achieved as you float away from this unique spa wellness experience.

     For Two - 120 Min - $480   (Individual session for One - $240)


"Skindulgent" Packages

Milk & Honey Package

Session begins with a dry brush exfoliation, stimulating the lymphatic system & sloughing off dead skin cells. Next, enjoy a muscle soothing massage with hot stones enhancement using our special, all natural, Honey & Milk Oil which is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils & skin moisturizing properties. The hands & feet are then drenched in deep hydration with an aromatic Silk Souffle Warm Pumpkin Spice Butter & massaged to nourish and revitalize dull, dehydrated skin & further relax the body.

75 Mins - $170

Silky Smooth Relaxation Package

Revitalize & pamper those hardworking legs & feet with our Orange Blossom Deep Conditioning Cream Scrub & Wrap followed by a full body massage with our special Silk Souffle Warm Pumpkin Spice Butter to fully relax, hydrate, and envelope you in the delectable scent of fall. Detoxify, hydrate & nourish the, boost collagen, increase circulation & float away feeling silky soft & smelling like a dream.
75 Mins - $170

Additional Individual Services

Acutonics & Reiki

The Acutonics Sound Healing System is a non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture. Precision calibrated tuning forks are placed on specific acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body's Meridian and Chakra energy systems. For those who are needle sensitive, Acutonics allows for the benefits of acupucture without the need for penetrating the skin with needles.

Simply put, everything within our bodies has it's natural vibration and moving energy. Energy blockages and stagnant energy are often associated with pain and disease. We use the frequency or vibration of sound to stimulate movement of energy where needed and to jump start the natural vibration which may be off in it's natural rhythm, or energetic  flow. 

has been used effectively for:  Muscular Aches & Pains & Muscle Strains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Migraines, Stress Reduction, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Fatigue, Hypertension, Chronic & Debilitating Conditions

Reiki - the movement of life force energy has been used for:  Stress Reduction, Fatigue, Insomnia, Pain Reduction, Releasing Tension, General Wellness, Relaxation

      45 Min - $95       60 Min - $120

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing massage for a mother to be. Special care is given to our pregnant massage clients with special pillows and positioning to ensure the most comfort for each individual. Because every mom and body is different, we give the option of enjoying our special face down massage cushion with a belly cut-out or the tried and true side-lying position. Depending on how far along you are and your comfort level, each mom will decide what is best for her along with one of our therapists. We take care in avoiding certain pressure points, techniques, and positions so that you and baby are safe and comfortable.

   60 Mins - $105   90 Mins - $145

Four Handed Body Bliss (Two Massage Therapists)

A truly unique massage experience that will leave you mesmerized, floating & beyond the realms of relaxation. Two therapists work through the body in a choreographed, artful manner bringing balance, relief, & relaxation to the body while instilling a peaceful, buzzing energy within.

   45 Mins - $185   60 Mins - $225   90 Mins - $305

Foot Massages

Triple Threat Foot Massage

Indulge in true pampering while vitality & life are finessed into overworked feet. Delightfully aromatic & nutritiously organic products are used to exfoliate, detoxify, moisturize, & feed dulled skin while light stretching & mindful massage techniques are used to relieve frustrating foot aches and pains.

Exfoliate, Moisturize & Massage - 30 Mins - $60

The Ultimate Foot Massage

The ultimate treat for needy feet. Experience the Triple Threat Foot Massage PLUS the Self-Heating Detox Mud Wrap for tired, achey feet in need of some extra, ultra TLC. Feet will feel relaxed, softened, rejuvenated, and ultimately renewed. Scalp, Neck & Jaw Massage are performed while feet are wrapped to further relax you while relieving stress & tension.

Exfoliate, Wrap, Moisturize & Massage- 55 Min
- $125


Body Wrap & Massage Packages

Remineralizing Body Wrap & Massage Package

Combat stress, irritability, jet lag, insomnia, hormonal shifts, body aches, & fatigue with this ultimate relaxation package. The body is lightly exfoliated increasing micro circulation & kneaded into deep relaxation. Next, an essential oil infused warm seawater gel packed with trace minerals envelops the body & rebalances sluggish cells to promote more efficient cellular function, silky soft skin & a calmly re-energized body.

     Body Wrap & Scalp, Neck, Jaw Massage - 60 Min - $135

     Body Wrap & Full Body Massage - 90 Min - $175

     Body Wrap & Full Body Massage - 120 Min - $215

Detox Body Wrap & Massage Package

This wellness and pain relief treatment combines powerful marine therapy with strategic customized (local or full body) massage for deep tissue detoxification, circulation, decrease of inflammation, and ultimate relaxation. A localized self-heating thermal marine mud wrap is applied to areas of tissue congestion, tightness, pain, arthritis, edema & reflexology. Softens muscles, helps heal fatigued or injured tissue & decreases discomfort.

     Back  Wrap with Massage - 75 Min - $160
  (Can be substituted for Knees, Ankles, Abdomen, or Feet)

   Back, Neck & Shoulders Wrap
with Massage
   90 Min - $175
/ 120 Min - $215

     Back & Feet Wrap with Massage - 90 Min - $175 / 120 Min -$215

   Hands & Forearms Wrap with Massage - 90 Min - $180

   Hamstrings Wrap with Massage - 90 Min - $180

Sea Mineral Body Polish

A relaxing yet energizing full body exfoliation and hydration treatment. Session begins with scalp massage to calm and relax the mind. Then a creamy, no rinse scrub packed with Oligomer mineral replenishing crystals and trace elements is worked into the skin to promote total body wellness, increasing microcirculation, and stimulating the lymphatic system, while fortifying the epidermis. The body is then drenched in and massaged with special marine oils and minerals to nourish, soften, strengthen, and visibly restructure the skin.

     Body Polish (Minimal Massage) - 60 Min - $135

     Body Polish (More Massage)
90 Min - $175

Detox Infrared Sauna Session
Infrared sauna sessions are highly beneficial for the body, both inside & out. Add on an infrared sauna session to compliment spa services to increase the benefits of massage, body wraps, & skincare. Or utilize the infrared sauna on its own to facilitate deep relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, and general wellness.

: Deeply penetrating heat pushes out heavy metals and toxins, purifies the skin, burns calories, soothes the joints, muscles, and ligaments, reduces the appearance of cellulite, boosts the immune system, decreases water weight, reduces stress & fatigue, strengthens the cardiovascular system, & improves circulation.

Have a personal detox day or bring a friend. Our infrared sauna seats up to four people!

30 Mins - $35 / 45 Mins - $40 / 60 Mins - $45


Skincare Services

Black Currant Renewal Facial

Our all natural facial infused with organic botanicals, featuring black currant extract. Black currant is an impeccable source of resveratrol, a super anti-aging antioxidant that is health promoting and increases longevity. It is a well known fact that red wine is good for you, and resveratrol is the reason. The dose amount of resveratrol from a single session infuses the skin with an equivalent of drinking 10 glasses of red wine. This nourishing, moisturizing facial works to detoxify and brighten with the action of licorice root, mulberry, and arbutin as it lifts and firms with peptides to leave skin bright, energized and more youthful.
   60 Min - $115

City Life Facial
This seaside plant based treatment depollutes city-dwellers' skin and revives asphyxiated and dehydrated faces. It helps restore and refresh congested skin that has been affected by environmental pollutants, stress, and toxic microparticles and is helpful for all skin types. Skin can essentially breathe easier allowing for greater circulation and increased absorption of hydrants and nutrients. Refresh, brighten and purge to combat fatigued, dulled skin in need of some radiance and hydration. Fully customized facial based on client's skin type and priorities (tired, lined skin / uneven skin tone / or acne). Please specify your skin type/concerns upon booking your appointment. *Includes the pure pore self heating mud mask and extractions.
   60 Min
- $135

Head to Toe Glow
Relax and rejuvenate with our classic facial combo including a light foot exfoliation and mini foot massage. Facial includes a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, masque and facial massage, increasing circulation and extracting impurities where needed to ensure a luxurious glow for a fresh face forward. Scalp and neck massage are performed to calm the mind and relax the body while dulled skin is brought back to life.

    75 Min
- $129

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Facial
Operation skin cell regeneration is in full effect with this skin plumping anti-aging facial which utilizes the advanced care of apple tree stem cells. Evens out skin tone, restores elasticity and radiance while also brightening the skin. Get a boost of confidence AND a boost of collagen with this luxurious and rejuvenating facial. (Includes extractions and a red wine peel.)
     75 Min
- $165

Facial Upgrades:
Plumping Collagen Boost - $25
Smoothing & Softening Lip Treatment - $20
Pumpkin Papaya Enzyme Peel
- $20
Exfoliating Antioxidant-Rich Red Wine Peel  $40


   Full Brazilian - $65   Bikini - $35  
   Back - $60   Chest $50 Abdomen - $40
   Full Legs - $80   Lower Legs - $40   Upper Legs - $45  
   Underarms - $20   Full Arms - $50   Half Arm - $35  
   Upper Lip & Chin - $25   
   Cheeks or Sideburns - $20 ea.   
   Eyebrows - $30   Full Face (not incl brows) - $50

+Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting 
   Eyelashes  - $25   Eyebrows - $20

+Out-Call Sessions

*In Your Home or Office (Travel Fee Applies $25-50)
*CHAIR MASSAGE or TABLE MASSAGE Available for Out-call Services, Corporate & Special Events.

*90 Minute Minimum Booking for Out-Call Sessions.

+Additional Offerings

   *Gift Certificates  (See Gift Cert page)    *Private Events/Groups       *Chair Massage
+Gifts/Personal Items
*Gourmet Teas by Harney & Sons
*Archipelago Candles & Diffusers
*Dreamtime Heat Therapy Herbal Body Wraps, Slippers, Hand Cozys, & Neck Pillows
*Phytomer Bath Soaks
*Organic Products, Skincare Products, Wellness Products

+Referral Program

*Once you are a current client, refer a friend and get 10% OFF one service for each new client referred that books a service!
* Not applicable for group percentage discount. Simply mention the person(s) referred upon booking your next visit in order to receive your thank you discount.


Appointments:   (650) 863-3848   /  tiffany@kannaspa.com
*Please feel free to call or email us for more information. We are happy to assist you. New clients, please call for an appointment.

2041 Pioneer Court, Suite #202, San Mateo, CA 94403
*We are located just off the El Camino South Exit from Hwy 92. Travel West on 20th Avenue and make a left onto Pioneer Court. We can be found upstairs on the right hand side.

*Street parking is available in front. We also have a private lot located behind the building.

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm  /  Sundays 9am-9pm
*BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. *We cater to your schedule with flexible hours of operation. Please inquire for earlier appointments.

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