"Unique & Effective Body Therapy"
Our Philosophy - What to Expect at Kanna Spa

   Tiffany Campbell, owner of Kanna Spa, is a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and is subsequently held to a high ethical standard. She takes great pride in providing consistent, quality services. Tiffany practices a style of bodywork that is precise, effective and extremely relaxing. Together, with other talented Kanna Spa massage therapists, she developed a collective style that is both pampering yet demanding of real results while still allowing for the therapist's intuition to reign free. At Kanna Spa, therapists believe that proper body care should not be rushed and that therapists should be genuinely attentive and grounded in order to help clients reach their particular goals for each bodywork session.


   Deep tissue body work is often done too abruptly, resulting in torn muscle fibers, pain and the build-up of scar tissue which is the reason many people are hesitant to book a massage stating “deep tissue.” They have likely been traumatized by some impatient therapist somewhere along the way. True deep tissue massage is done with patience and care and can relax the body on a much deeper level if executed properly. We are confident that Kanna Spa guests will notice the refreshing difference.


   In addition to the speediness of the actual body work, many spas set stressful time limitations on their clients as well as on their therapists by merely allowing for 10-15 minutes between each session. You typically receive 50-60 minutes of lovely pampering and then are quickly rushed off the table knowing your therapist is tapping their foot just outside the door. There is little to no time to meditate, stretch, or simply savor the quiet solitude and energy within the sanctuary of the treatment room.  It is quite strange that the trusted provider of relaxation in many spas is rushed, stressed and stuck in a small box of time behind the scenes.


   To set a new standard, which some may say is counterproductive to the pocketbook, Tiffany decided to start her own practice where being rushed is simply not an option. Appointments are booked with an additional half hour of time allotted in between clients. The guests at Kanna Spa are not rushed, the therapists hands are healthier, and each guest is given time to enjoy hot tea and meditation in the treatment room following their massage. It makes for a calming, truly effective experience in body care.


For Appointments & More Information: (650) 863-3848  ~  Tiffany@KannaSpa.com

Address: 2041 Pioneer Court, Suite #202, San Mateo, CA 94403. We are located just off the El Camino South Exit from Hwy 92. Travel West on 20th Avenue and make a left onto Pioneer Court. We can be found upstairs on the right hand side.

*Street parking is available in front. We also have a private lot located in the back of the building.
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