"Unique & Effective Body Therapy"
Nutrient Body Sculpting

The esthetic benefits seen through a series of Nutrient Body Sculpting sessions are a secondary bonus to receiving the highly absorbable micronutrients, antioxidants, and minerals necessary to help you feel better, rejuvenate your cells, neutralize free radicals, and increase overall wellness. A contouring effect is experienced through a decrease in inflammation throughout the body. Softening, toning and tightening of the skin through the absorption of this nutrition as well as the technique utilized to wrap the body during this process also facilitates esthetic and healthy benefits.  The sculpting is a standing process which includes some time on a vibration plate to further stimulate the lymphatic system and initiate subtle contractions of the muscles helping to tone and increase circulation for greater benefits. 

A Nutrient Body Sculpting session is an invigorating step that leads to improved health, better body contouring and overall well-being. Results are best experienced in a series of 6-12 sessions but a variant of wellness benefits are often felt and seen within 1-3 sessions.   
Measurements are taken before and after your first and last session in a series which will reveal a decrease in overall circumference of specific areas of the body such as abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, and chin.
In a session, latex-free sculpting bandages are saturated in our exclusive, high-grade micronutrient and mineral solution and are stretched strategically across targeted areas of the body, ensuring maximum hydration of and absorption through the skin. Nutrient Body Sculpting is a complimentary addition to most health and beauty regimens.   

Kedar N Prasad PhD is one of the world's leading experts in antioxidant science. The former President of the International Society for Nutrition and Cancer was invited by the Nobel Prize Committee to nominate a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1982. The author of "Micronutrients in Health and Disease", he was prominently featured in the Livestrong.com article "Are You Micronutrient Difficient and Not Know It?"
"The amount of micronutrients your body produces naturally declines with age and exposure to disease, so dietary and vitamin supplementation is essential as you get older," says Dr. Prasad. "But if your body isn't absorbing them, all the supplements in the world won't do you any good. Nutrient Body Sculpt is an optimum way to nourish your body."  
Single Session: $300 (*can be applied to a package)
Try it Together! Two Person Package Single Session: $250/pp 
Or.. Give it a Go Yourself: $30 Off One Single Session 
Best Results - Package Pricing 
Series of 6 Sessions: $1500 ($250/session) 
Series of 12 Sessions: $2400 ($200/session) 


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